Sunday, 1 March 2015

Just can't let go...

Firstly sorry that it has taken me a while to post again. Life really has been crazy hectic recently! Plus last weekend I was kind of struggling with inspiration on what to write about. I feel as though just posting about my meal plans, recipes and phone wallpapers would be abit boring if I did it all the time. I felt as though I had to have something worthwhile to write about. Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on
myself? Well anyway, here I am back and inspired!

Secondly, thank you to everyone who takes interest in Just Ems and my weight loss journey, my blog has received over 4000 views! Thank you so much for your comments and support, I really do appreciate it so so much.

So what have I been up to recently? I've lost 6lbs in the past 2 weeks and teetering on the edge of the 12 stone bracket. Although I haven't been good this weekend due to a planned cheat so I can't imagine getting there until next week. 
It's March already people! Where is the time going? During January and February I managed to lose my Christmas weight gain of 9lbs and 6lbs more. I'm aiming to lose 2lbs a week to steadily get to my goal in time for my birthday in July so I've pledged to lose 8lbs for the month of March. Bring it on! I've also signed up with a Personal Trainer to work on my fitness as I really want to focus on getting fitter and stronger as well as losing weight. I find having a PT really helps with my motivation and focus and also having someone who's an expert in this field who can point me in the right direction is a godsend when I have work out questions. I'm really looking forward to where my PT journey takes me and seeing the changes not just in weight loss but in the areas that I want to work on as well. 
I've purchased a new hoody to wear to and from the gym...

Ye it's cheeky but I love it!

I've also been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, trying out two new recipes and cooking up some regular ones:

Left to right - Chicken Escalopes, Bolognaise with courgette spaghetti, Italian chicken with wholewheat pasta and Chicken Mango Burgers

I was looking for a pair of jeans the other day (which reminds me, I still can't find them!) and I found a pair of jeans and work trousers in a size 20 that I wore when I was at my biggest before I started in October. I looked at them and thought 'Why do I still have these? I can't wear them anymore' but... My food demon voice sounded in my head, telling me to keep them incase I needed them again. A stupid voice, that I shouldn't listen to but I did, leaving the jeans and trousers in my drawer. Back in 2008 I did throw away all of my fat clothes when I reached size 10. But since then, I've gained all the weight back and more and have had to buy bigger clothes again (I have a piles of clothes in my room ranging from size 8 - 20!) I think I'm scared it will happen again, I'm finding this alittle too good to be true that I'm losing weight by actually eating and not starving myself with shakes. Ye it's coming off alot slower but it's coming off and that's what counts. Although maybe my mind hasn't caught up with my weight loss yet and it still thinks I'm the fat girl? Maybe I know how easily it is to let a stressful day get to me and eat junk food? I don't know. I hope that one day I'm strong enough to throw out my fat clothes once and for all, knowing that I'm not ever going to gain the weight back again. Although I feel right now, that day is very far away.

On to a brighter note, I do have another during pic to share with you! I did share this on social media this week so some of you may have seen this already. The pic on the left was taken in August 2014, several months before I started my journey, weighing in at 16 stone 2lbs. The pic on the right was taken on Friday, weighing in at 13 stone. Difference of 44lbs. I'm slowly getting there and I'm halfway through my journey with another 42lbs to go:

Now I've signed up with a PT, I'm looking forward to the next comparison picture as there are areas of my body that I really want to focus on and change.

Until next time

Much Love

Just Ems

Start Date: 7th October 2014
Start Weight: 15 stone 8lbs
Current Weight: 13 Stone
Total Weight Lost: 36lbs
Height 5'2


  1. Hey =)
    I'm on a weight loss journey too so I felt the need to come here and tell you I understand how hard it is and that you're doing such a good job, you've come such a long way by what I can see in the pictures. I hope you can stay motivated and achieve your goals =) If you'd like to check out my blog too I'll leave the link here

    Have a good day tomorrow even though it's monday.

    1. Hey Filipa, thank you so much for commenting on my post and for your kind words.
      Thank you for leaving your blog link too, I've added you to Bloglovin. Loving your Primark jumper from yesterdays post, it is so cute! Looking forward to reading more of your posts xx

    2. Hey =) I'm following you on bloglovin too, It's nice to find someone going through the same I'm going through and hopefully I'll find some meal inspirations over here =)

    3. Hey :) Thank you for the Bloglovin follow.
      Weight loss is a hard process and having a support system around you can work wonders! I know that some people don't get the support from their friends, family and colleagues but you can find people online that will support you virtually! I have a Pintrest Board where I pin all recipes that I have tried/want to try =
      Feel free to check it out, hopefully you'll find some new things to try. Hope you're having a good day hun xx

  2. You're looking great! Gosh I put on weight this week :( I really should do those courgettes pasta!

    1. Hi Stephanie

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and for your sweet words. I've since purchased a julienne peeler to make the courgette noodles easier and I will be practicing with a new recipe next week!

      How is your journey going? If you're having a bad day, draw a line under it and start afresh tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance to try again! xx

  3. Girl you have so got this!

    What do I always say? This is not a straight road, twists and turns will happen but as long as you stay in the right direction, you'll find that place you want to be.

    Whilst I totally get the numbers thing, just look at that before/after picture! You look fab! Focus on the small things. One day they turn into big things.

    This is a crazy journey. It's hard mentally, physically and emotionally. It's a test on willpower at times but all the blood, sweat and tears will be worth it :)

    Keep this in mind 'it's a marathon, not a sprint'

    Can't wait to meet you in May! x

    1. I could have sworn that I had replied to you my dear! I'm terribly sorry!

      It just seems such a long and windy road doesn't it? Lots of bumps along the way!

      Thank you for your kind words my lovely, you're such a rock for me on my journey and I can not wait to finally meet you in 2 months time! xxx

  4. Wow, congratulations on your weight loss so far thats amazing! Your meals all look really yummy, I think I need some new recipes. Im just starting my weight loss journey again after gaining a lot of weight in a short space of time. I know what you mean about the clothes, I went from a size 16 to a 12 and got rid of all my bigger clothes, now Im back up to a 16 and I've had to buy new clothes again. So frustrating.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Hi Emma

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate it.
      I pin most of my recipes on Pintrest if you fancy taking a look:

      I'm really into courgette noodles at the moment!

      Thank god for places like Primark! Love their basics range, really does help when you gain/lose weight and you don't have to spend so much on topping up your wardrobe.

      I hope you are well, just off to check out your blog now xxx