Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Weigh In, Pics and 2015...

Weekly weigh in #10 was in full swing Monday morning! I was excited to see what the scales had in store for me after following a friends meal plan and changing my gym work out for a week. Was I going to have another good loss like last week? I had been such a good girl and had followed the meal plan as best I could (didn't eat dinner one night due to social commitments but was so incredibly hungry the next day, I ate a pot of pineapple as extra the following day, not a good move says my friend due to the calorie content). So after emptying my bladder (apologies if that's TMI but I do weigh first thing in the morning!) and taking off my PJ's, I head downstairs to the scales. Nervous and excited I step on the scales and wait for the digital screen to stop flashing...

2lbs lost

Really?! 2lbs?!? Is that all?!! Better than nothing I suppose but I was secretly hoping for at least 3lbs, 4lbs would've been amazing. But, I can't moan. 2lbs is 2lbs, still a loss and not a gain. After a chat with my friend Monday evening my loss may not have been so good as the alcohol from the night out may have caught up with me (as alcohol dehydrates the body at first, I may have had such a good loss the week prior as my body was more dehydrated than normal. And then after a few days, the body has to burn the sugar from the alcohol, which may cause a weight gain or a maintain later on). Also, I should have gone to the gym more as I only managed 3 gym sessions and 1 run last week due to social commitments. My friend feels that I should be doing 4-5 a week plus a run... Hmmmm as if that's going to happen in the run up to Xmas! And I can already tell you now with having my hair cut last night and another social commitment later on this week, 3 times is all I'm going to manage to the gym this week! I'll put in another run on Sunday as well as I'd like to keep that up. Plus I have 2 more lbs to go until I've lost 2 stone since 7th October so fingers crossed they have gone by next week to have lost 2 stone in less than 2 months. The best Christmas present I could give myself :)

So this week, I'm still going to continue with the plan I've been given as I made a commitment to my friend that I would give it a go for 2 weeks but he's aware that foodwise I'm bored and miss cooking and trying out different recipes. But I'm definitely armed with more information now and know to restrict the amount of brown rice and red meat that I eat (potentially I'm going to substitute beef mince with turkey mince as it's more leaner and less calories). I'm also more aware of my calorific intake now and will try and get to 1200 cals a day eating clean and losing weight at a steady pace, hopefully 2-3lbs a week. Even losing 2lbs a week is still over half a stone in a month so we'll see how I get on. I can't wait to get back into my kitchen properly and start trying new recipes again... Come back Pintrest, all is forgiven!

Stupidly, I forgot to take a 'before' picture of me before I started clean eating and going to the gym. Rather regretting that now. Not that I don't have enough 'fat' pics of me but I do like to see full body pics so I can see where (or not!) the weight is coming off. I did take a pic on 2nd November, almost 4 weeks in from when I started on 7th October and I took a pic on 14th December (6 weeks later) and the results are below. I will admit that I really hate taking pictures of myself and I'm not proud of either picture to be honest but one of the points of this blog was to motivate myself to become a healthier person and to help and inspire others that it can be done so I'm putting these pictures up on the internet. 
I'm pretty happy with the face on difference but not the side one! Seriously when is the weight going to come off my stomach and ass?!?!

So Christmas Day is in 8 days! Am I ready yet?! Of course not! But with Christmas looming it means that New Year is looming too and the motivation that comes with New Year Resolutions will soon be a focus for many of us to make changes to our lives for the better. I quite often see on social media the phrase '2014 will be my year' or similar. So what would make 2015 your year? Feel free to comment below!

I saw this image online and had to post this on my blog as this is what 2015 is going to be for me:
Until next time

Much Love

Just Ems

Start Date: 7th October 2014
Start Weight: 15 stone 8lbs
Current Weight: 13 Stone 10lbs
Total Weight Lost: 26lbs
Height 5'2


  1. Keep up the good work! Sounds like you're doing great :) xx

    1. Thank you Anna :) Have a lovely Christmas xx

  2. Looks like you're doing a great job Emma! I know it can be really demotivating sometimes when the weight isn't dropping as fast as expected (I HATED that) - but the results will come eventually! Have a wonderful Christmas, Lucie

    1. Hi Lucie, thank you so much for your kind words! Slow weight loss is so frustrating when you're doing everything right isn't it? But you're right, results will come and its about bearing that in mind as much as you can :)

      Have a lovely Christmas xx