Comparison Pics

Everyone loves a weight loss comparison picture don't they? Myself included! I find them so motivating and inspiring to look at, especially when I'm having a bad day and battling with my food demons. I admire the people who share their pictures online and inspire us all to do the same.

So far, I only have 'Before & During' pictures for my journey, one day there will be an 'After' picture. Although I get the feeling that once I reach goal weight, I'll still want to work on toning up my body so I'm not sure when the 'After' picture will be posted! 

As I'm sure anyone who has self esteem issues can relate to, I really don't like having my picture taken. My Dad was a photographer and as I was in those awkward teenage years, I would avoid the camera as much as possible! Now I know that taking pictures of myself is vital for me to see my progress and to keep myself on track. I stupidly 

So without further ado...Here are my pictures so far (excuse my messy bedroom and the poor quality photos!)

2nd November 2014
14th December 2014
Comparison between 2nd Nov & 14th Dec 2014
Comparison between 2nd Nov & 14th Dec 2014

24th December 2014
Comparison 2nd Nov & 24th December

Comparison 2nd Nov & 24th December

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