Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Goal List

So Easter has come and gone. I hope you all had a nice Bank Holiday weekend. My weekend was unexpectedly rather life changing for reasons I'm choosing not to reveal online but things are going to be alittle different for the foreseeable future! But I allowed these sudden changes to
influence my eating habits and lack of exercise and I did not stick to clean eating or work out over the Easter period.

So as I sit here with a rather bloated stomach after another takeaway that I've consumed, I'm feeling abit sheepish that I've yet again 'slipped up'. But this wasn't my food demons this time. This was just me, myself and I using excuse after excuse for making poor food choices since Friday evening. Usually I would be getting down on myself for not sticking to my healthy regime. I'd be feeling like crap because I'd eaten crap and I'd be guilt tripping myself. But I'm not going to pick up the beating stick and beat myself up about it. I'm not going to moan that I've probably gained 5lbs or more (although I'm not even going anywhere near the scales until next Monday) and I'm not going to make a big deal about it. I chose to eat what I ate and I'll be paying for it for the next 2 weeks but that is that. Yes I feel pretty crap because I fuelled my body with the wrong foods, but I'm actually looking forward to eating healthy again and getting in the gym! My stomach is so bloated, I feel like I haven't lost any weight at all (over exaggeration I know but that's what I see when I look in the mirror right now).
There are over 3 months until my Birthday and I'm feeling refreshed and determined to tackle this half of my weight loss journey with renewed vigour. Starting with a PT session tomorrow, god help me!

Today has been a gorgeous summer day here in the south of England and it's days like this that remind me of why I'm doing this and got me thinking a long the lines of what motivates me. Anyone who has tried to lose weight before probably has a list of things that they would wear or do when they reached their goal weight. Well, I hope so or maybe I'm just abit weird that I have a list of things I want to do/wear when I reach my goal weight?! Please tell me I'm not the only one!

As I am feeling pretty motivated to continue on my journey I thought that I would share this list with you. This list is something that I have to keep in mind next time I'm faced with temptation to keep me on track!

*I really want a pair of skinny cargo/khaki type trousers to wear with a nice top and a pair of heels on a night out:

Sources - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/303500462364840951/ 

*I've always wanted a pair of designer jeans and I remember going into the Guess shop in Cabot Circus on several occasions to look at their handbags and shoes which were located at the back of the shop, making sure I didn't look at the clothes as there was no way I could fit into them! But sometimes I would wander around the rails of beautiful clothes and the jeans would make me stop and gaze longingly at them and one day I will purchase a pair!

*Wear the 60+pairs of shoes that I have in my Shoe Collection - Yes, I have a 'Shoe Collection'! And no I don't wear them all! I have purchased quite a few shoes thinking 'I'll wear them when I'm slim' as the heels are so high and walking in heels when I'm overweight puts more pressure on my feetsies! I do plan on socialising a bit more when I'm feeling more confident so hopefully I will have the opportunity to break in all of my shoes!

*Wear all the size 10 - 12 clothes that I used to fit into - If you've read the 'About Ems' section on my blog, you'll know that at one point in my life I did manage to get close to my goal of 9 stone 7lbs. Of course, I have an entire wardrobe of clothes from those 6 months where I was a size 10 and I so want to be back wearing those clothes again! Especially the summer ones as warmer weather is on its way!

*Finally wear two pairs of knee high boots that I own (as they currently don't fit around my calves!)

*Shop in River Island and other high street stores that I class as 'Skinny Bint' shops (shops that don't really cater for plus sized women and make you feel really out of place just by stepping through the door)

*Buy some decent work out gear & multi colour trainers - I would love to get some colourful Nike trainers and some branded gym clothes. Of course there isn't much point getting any until I reach my goal weight so I tend to purchase stuff from Primark or George for now.

So bring on tomorrow. Its a new day, a new start. Gona have to face the music with my PT as I've done no exercise since Wednesday of last week and he has every right to work me hard tomorrow. Bring it on!

Until next time

Much Love

Just Ems

Start Date: 7th October 2014
Start Weight: 15 stone 8lbs
Current Weight: 12  Stone 11 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 39lbs
Height 5'2

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  1. good luck with your goals list! and remember the odd take away doesnt matter :) x x