Sunday, 30 November 2014

Green Tea and a New Recipe

I hope you've all had a good weekend so far. I'm sure some of you are already getting ready for Christmas, I haven't even started yet! Well, apart from buying 2 bottles of Champagne for the family Christmas Day lunch, I am terribly behind, as usual!
But I have a few days off next week so I am aiming to sort out my lists of what I'm getting everyone, buying everything online and
get myself organised! Then all that's left is the dreaded wrapping. Would anyone like to do my wrapping for me?! Any takers?? 

So as you may know from my last post, this week has been my hardest week so far with my lowest weight loss result in 7 weeks, making me reconsider my new choice in lifestyle. But after a good chat with an inspirational friend, I am back on it! My meal plan has been devised for the next week and I have cut out brown rice and beef mince due to their high calorie content and all of my meals feature protein and salad/veg and fewer avocados! Definitely one thing I want to work on is featuring more veg in my diet as I find it alot easier to whip up a salad than cook veg. Although I'm sure my friends plan will incorporate alot of veggies... so we'll see!

So today I wanted to feature Green Tea in this post and to show you a new recipe that I tried last night (delicious!). 

Green Tea is something I never thought I'd drink or be interested in before I started this lifestyle. Now not having my morning cuppa makes me feel less human! However I'm not a hardcore green tea drinker and can't face normal green tea as I find it too bitter. So I branched out to try the flavoured ones and I've found my favourite 'Raspberry and Pomegranate' from Tetley. They also have 'Peach and Apricot' and 'Mango and Passion fruit' flavours but I must say the Raspberry one is the best so far. Currently at Asda they are £1 per box so if you want to try all three then you won't be breaking the bank! PG Tipps also do a Raspberry Green Tea which is nice and Twinings have an extensive range of flavoured Green Tea's however, they are a little more expensive. I found a seller on Ebay who was selling a selection of flavours for just over the price for 1 box so I bought a bundle so I could try them all out. Check out the listing here:

Twinings Green Tea Ebay

So far I've only tried the Salted Caramel and the Caramel Apple, neither of which I took fancy to as caramel flavour in Green Tea just doesn't work for me. I still need to try the others but find it hard to tear myself away from my raspberry favourite!

Across the internet, Green Tea claims to have a lot of health benefits including burning fat by boosting your metabolism, lowering blood pressure and improving your immune system. However once glance at Wikipedia suggests that not enough studies have been completed in order to verify these claims so that's kind of put a spanner in the works! To be fair, I can not say that I have noticed any benefits from drinking green tea as I have had a complete eating/drinking overhaul so I couldn't attribute my weight loss and need for less sleep just down to Green Tea. But, I will continue to drink green tea especially in this cold weather to warm me up, to lower my consumption of dairy and to have a healthier alternative to coffee!

So this weekend I tried out a new recipe that I found on Pintrest. After my conversation with my friend this week, I knew I had to start looking for more recipes that featured more protein and salad and less rice and mince and honey! So I was on the look out for more chicken recipes that I could have with a salad or veg. After looking at this recipe, I knew I could indulge in my love for olives so I knew I had to try it! This recipe features on another blog so click on the link below to get it:

Chicken Escalopes

I was abit unsure of the dressing at first as I've never knowingly eaten capers before but, after mixing it all up, I couldn't resist trying a spoonful as the chicken was cooking. I was surprised of how the flavours worked so well together, it was a party in my mouth! I served the escalope with a rocket and baby leaf salad (Note-I didnt put flour on the chicken before cooking it as I don't permit flour in my lifestyle, so I griddled it instead to get those lovely griddle lines on the meat). 

So here is the finished dish... It was so yummy! 

Until my next post

Much Love

Just Ems

Start Date: 7th October 2014
Start Weight: 15 stone 8lbs
Current Weight: 14 Stone 3lbs
Total Weight Lost: 19lbs
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