Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Chocolate Monster

Another weekly weigh in is upon me! I always look forward to weigh in days but I am also nervous of them as well! I guess it's like getting an exam result, you want to know if all of your hard work has paid off but what if you didn't work hard enough? What if you failed and didn't get the grade you wanted? What if I failed and actually gained weight instead
of losing it? Thus is the roller-coaster ride of losing weight. You have good days and bad days... fantastic weigh ins and ones that make you double check your meal plan to see if you have eaten anything to slow down your weight loss.

But thankfully this weeks weigh in was a good one... 3lbs lost! In total now I've lost 12lbs this month and 33lbs since 7th October when I started my journey. I've lost the 9lbs that I gained over Christmas and now 3lbs into the real weight which I'm very pleased about. Just need to keep up the good work and see this through.

Last week I was on the Hotel Chocolat website, for work reasons I promise! Although, I will admit this is my favourite brand of high end chocolate, I'm not going to lie to you! So whilst I was looking through the boxed selection I saw something called the Paleo Light Gift Box. The Paleo lifestyle (or Caveman Diet as it is also known) is similar to the Clean Eating one in terms of eating wholesome natural foods the way that nature intended so when I saw this box, I was really intrigued. However upon reading the ingredients I saw that some the products were not clean, containing sugar, glazing agents and soya lecithin. However, this was the 'cleanest' chocolate I had seen so far so I thought, why not try something from the box? So, not wanting to spend £25.00 on a box of chocolate, I ordered the Supermilk Puddles and the Caramel Salted Almonds and they arrived at my place of work on Monday. What joy! I was curious to try them as I have never enjoyed dark chocolate before, always liking milk and white chocolate before clean eating. Although I can safely say that my taste buds have changed as I sampled 3 of each and enjoyed each one. I can not say that I could taste the salted caramel on the almonds but nevertheless they were enjoyable to eat. So I popped the last puddle into my mouth and headed back down to my desk. A few seconds after finishing the chocolate, suddenly this Chocolate Monster appeared, whispering naughty things into my ear! Telling me to stuff my face with the rest of the chocolate! What the...? Where had this Chocolate Monster come from? Had it been laid dormant since I started clean eating and suddenly reawakened by the yummy morsels I had just eaten? Had the sugar stirred it from its hibernation? I'd only eaten 6 pieces and already I felt like I wanted to carry on eating the rest of both packets. Luckily the chocolate was upstairs and I wasn't going to head up there and eat any more but it did shock me that I had been overcome with the urge to carry on eating them. 

I guess this is the power of sugar and what it does to us mere humans who are constantly trapped under its spell to consume more on a daily basis. I brought the chocolate home and haven't touched it since Monday, a little scared to now in all honesty! Unless I can be rationed with a few pieces a week and the rest locked away in someone else's house somewhere, I'm not sure I could trust myself not to eat the whole lot if I ate some more. Apart from learning not to buy any more chocolate for the foreseeable future, this has taught me that sugar is one of my trigger foods. A food that triggers the binge eating switch in my brain and right now, only 3 weeks after my Festive binge, that is the last thing I need.
So those chocolates are going to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about until I'm in a safer place weight wise to eat them!

Is there a chocolate monster in us all? Can you eat 1 piece of chocolate and not crave any more?  

So you know the new gym clothes I got from Asda at the weekend? The ones I didn't try on? Well I have learnt my lesson now... Try before you buy! And try before you put them in your gym bag and get to the gym is probably a good idea as well. Both the top and bottoms were too big! So back to Asda I went on Monday night to exchange them and got a size smaller in each so a 14 top and 16 bottom. Yay! To be honest, they are alittle too figure hugging for gym clothes than I'd like but if I'd kept with the bigger ones, I'd probably be replacing them in a months time so hopefully this set will see me through 2 months before I drop another size. Although dropping a dress size a month would be pretty awesome!

Here's a comparison gym outfit pic. Boring black to green and grey. Apologies for the fluffy hair in the pic on the right! And for the terrible quality of the photo, lighting isn't good in the gym changing rooms, I promise the top is green, not blue!

Until next time

Much Love

Just Ems

Start Date: 7th October 2014
Start Weight: 15 stone 8lbs
Current Weight: 13 Stone 3lbs
Total Weight Lost: 33lbs
Height 5'2


  1. I know how you feel, if I have anything naughty in the house I will hunt it down and eat it all...
    Well done on the 3lb lost though such a great amount to loose in just a week and looking great in the SMALLER gym outfit :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  2. Love the chocolate monster bit, I can totally resonate with that!