Sunday, 1 February 2015

Goodbye January and Festive Weight Gain!

I'm definitely glad to see the back of January for two reasons. Mainly the cold weather as I'm really not a winter bunny and prefer the warmer climes of summer. My skin is dry on my face, hands and lips, my heating is on costing me money, de-icing my car in the mornings and I have to wear layers to keep warm. I did wake up the morning thinking
that wearing flip flops to work does seem quite a far fetched idea right now but in a few months it will warm up! And all things going to plan I will be several sizes smaller too. Bonus!
The second reason I am glad January is over is the stupid amount of weight that  I allowed myself to gain over Christmas and New Year. 9lbs in 12 days, quite an achievement hey? The combination of a couple of takeaways, drinking alcohol instead of water, not exercising or eating clean really did not put me in the greatest frames of mind on 5th January BUT I can safely say that I have shed those awful 9lbs and 3lbs more in January so thankfully back in the game! I'm more annoyed at the fact that I've wasted 4 weeks of gaining and losing rather than just losing as I could have potentially have lost 8 - 10lbs instead of 3lbs in January. But it has been a learning curve for me so I will be better prepared Christmas this year.

Welcome to February! Another month to make positive changes towards my lifestyle goals for this year. 

By June, summer will be here and I know I don't want to spend another summer being overweight and not being able to wear the clothes I want to. I want to be smaller, healthier and fitter to keep up with my niece and to have more confidence in myself to not hide under leggings and baggy clothes in the summer.

So my meal plan this week is below, I've got 4 new recipes to try this week so I am looking forward to sampling them!

Breakfast: Yogurt, cashew nuts and green tea
Lunch: Asian Salad
Dinner: Chicken Mango Burgers

Breakfast: Yogurt, cashew nuts and green tea
Lunch: Asian Salad
Dinner:Glow Bowl

Breakfast: Yogurt, cashew nuts and green tea
Lunch: Glow Bowl
Dinner: Honey Sesame Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

Breakfast: Yogurt, cashew nuts and green tea
Lunch: Chicken in Tomato and Olive Sauce
Dinner: Chicken Sliders - no BBQ sauce

Breakfast: Yogurt, cashew nuts and green tea
Lunch: Chicken in Tomato and Olive Sauce
Dinner: Spicy Sriracha Chicken & Quinoa

After receiving some feedback on last Sundays post on the 'good things' that had happened last week I have decided to make this a weekly addition to my Sunday posts. So without further ado here are the good things that happened this week:

*Having to take my new gym clothes back to exchange for smaller sizes - yes you read right! I stupidly did not try on my new gym clothes before I bought them so after trying them on before I went to the gym, they were too baggy so back to Asda I went to exchange for smaller sizes in top and bottoms, yippee!

*Having my new mouse mat delivered - I saw a picture on someone's blog of their home office and I really liked their mouse mat. I could not find this mouse mat anywhere online to purchase so I found someone on eBay that makes custom mouse mats so I ordered it and it came this week! I really do love this quote and it fits in with the lifestyle I am trying to create and also for blogging. When you do something that you love then it becomes a passion and something that you enjoy and you get the results that you want. Love what you do, do what you love!

*Wearing a size 14 hoodie - I bought just a plain black hoodie from Primark about a month ago in size 16 but it was too big back then so I exchanged it for a smaller size. I tried it on on Saturday and it fits! I don't feel I am a true size 14 yet as it seems the size 14 clothes that do fit right now are of a stretchy material, but I'm getting there slowly!

*Running for 3 minutes in the gym - About 2 weeks ago I could barely run 30 seconds on the treadmill and I've slowly built this up to 3 minutes whilst doing interval training at the gym. 3 minutes may not sound a lot but for someone as unfit as me, I'm pretty proud of that.

*Discovering the chocolate monster - Although not sure if this is a good thing and I will admit that the chocolate I bought has been consumed (I don't even want to think about the additional calorie intake from them so if my weigh in tomorrow isn't a good one, I will know why) but I'm glad I've realised that sugar and/or chocolate is one of my trigger foods and I should only indulge on rare occasions! 

A massive thank you is in order to everyone who reads and supports my weight loss journey. Just Ems has reached almost 3200 views since 23rd November. I am so thankful for everyone who takes an interest in the blog and for all the comments and support I receive. Thank you so much everyone.

Until next time

Much Love

Just Ems

Start Date: 7th October 2014
Start Weight: 15 stone 8lbs
Current Weight: 13 Stone 3lbs
Total Weight Lost: 33lbs

Height 5'2


  1. Another great post hun, thanks for sharing! I know exactly what you mean about slimming down for summer, it's such a great incentive.
    Good luck for your weigh-in tomorrow, I'm sure your hard work will have paid off with that chocolate having a minimal effect. We have to have the occasional treat and learning how to deal with our triggers is going to help us on our journey. You're doing so bloody well, can't wait until I can say I've lost 33lbs!! Xxx

  2. Love the mouse mat :) I hope the weigh in is okay for you this week and don't beat yourself up too much about the weight you put on over Christmas. As you have said it is all a learning curve and it is gone now.
    Glad to see that there are some chicken dishes in your meal plan this week. Keep going and hope it all goes well this week :)

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  3. You got this girl. Kick February's butt! The past is the past, shake it off and move forward. This journey is not a straight road, it's hills and dips and road blocks but you can and will get to where you want to be!
    Food sounds delish :) I'm thinking of adding meals etc to my blog. Hmm ideas ideas. Lol
    Also kudos on the workout gear, that's awesome having to take it back!
    Keep rocking hun, you inspire me so much!

    Bex x