Wednesday, 24 December 2014

More During Pics, Week 11 Weigh In and New Recipe

Well week 11 weigh in arrived on Monday. Where did those 11 weeks go!? 
So in 78 days I have taken it upon myself to become a healthier person and to finally combat my addictive relationship with food and alcohol FOR GOOD! It has been a little rollercoaster of a journey, not too emotional or dramatic as I've tried to lose weight countless of times before so
I knew what to expect. What I didn't expect was my weigh in result on Monday morning.
In hindsight you all know that I wish I had taken a picture of me when I started and also I thought maybe I should have given myself a mini goal to reach for Christmas. As motivating and challenging as goals can be, sometimes they can spark off bad eating habits if said goal is not reached, maybe I should aim for an exercise goal instead for the new year? Hmmmm...

So anyway, back to the weigh in! The last weigh in before Christmas (although I'm going to have a sneaky weigh in tomorrow to see how I am on Christmas Day). As you know from my last post, I haven't been keeping up with the exercise side of things for the last week and I certainly haven't set foot into the gym this week either. But I am pleased to report that despite the lack of exercise, I still managed to lose 3lbs and in 11 weeks I have lost a total of 29lbs. 2 stone 1lb. I am so incredibly happy with this, never before did I think I could actually lose weight by eating healthy and especially 2 stone in under 3 months. I've only ever lost this kind of weight on an extreme 400 calorie shake diet before where I was losing on average 14lbs a month but I was literally starving myself to get thin. If anyone had told me that I could eat healthy and nutritious meals and still lose weight I wouldn't have believed them! My mindset was fixed on the only way to lose weight is the 'shake diet' but here I am 11 weeks later and over 2 stone lighter (37lbs lighter than my highest weight in July). Granted the weight loss is slower than 1 stone a month but on average I'm losing 2.6lbs a week and in 4 weeks that's 10lbs, close enough to 1 stone a month for me and I get to EAT!! And also I get to try lovely new recipes and work towards being healthier and hopefully lowering my risk of diseases etc. It can be done people! I promise you, you don't have to follow a 'diet' and feel deprived!

This week I have tried out 2 lovely new recipes. One of them I'm not going to share with you unfortunately as my pomegranate was too ripe and I couldn't use it but I will be sharing this with you once I've made it again! The other was a very simple dish but packed with flavour. I found the recipe on Pintrest via another blog and it is delicious! If you like olives that is, as I know that most people either love them or hate them! It's really quick to make and the most lengthy part is letting the sauce thicken up so you can occupy yourself with something else whilst its bubbling away. I served this literally with some lettuce but feel free to make your salad more exciting or serve with veggies. It can also be served over pasta or rice for those of you not restricting your carb intake! Very yummy and I'll definitely having this more often as it can be chilled and used the next day too.

Chicken in Olive & Tomato Sauce

 I'll definitely be trying out some more recipes over the next week and a half so stay tuned for more! One will be a Hot Chocolate which I have been dying to make since the cold weather has set in here and definitely some slow cooker recipes and some other bits... maybe some baking? Woooo... bring on the baking!!

It seems that my most popular post was my during pic post so I thought I'd do another during pic for you all! The first two pics below is the difference between 14th December and today (10 days) 

And here's the comparison pics from 2nd November to today (7 weeks and 2 days):

Definitely an improvement! A slow but hopefully lasting improvement :)

Well I was going to post my Christmas nails as well but I still have 3 things to do before I paint my nails tonight so I won't be putting them on this post tonight. I'll definitely take a pic and put them on Sunday's post.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Santa spoilts you rotten!

Until next timeMuch Love

Just Ems

Start Date: 7th October 2014
Start Weight: 15 stone 8lbs
Current Weight: 13 Stone 7lbs
Total Weight Lost: 29lbs
Height 5'2

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