Sunday, 14 December 2014

Thank you

I hope everyone is having a good week, less than 2 weeks until Christmas Day! Are you all ready? I can't say I am! Still have quite a few gifts to buy and wrap and a turkey to get! I am pretty terrible at leaving things to the last minute though, as my family and friends can definitely agree with!

Firstly I wish to start off this post by

saying thank you to everyone who has read my blog so far. This week it reached over 400 views since I started blogging on 23rd November and I am overwhelmed by this number. Thank you so so much to all of you who have read and supported this blog since I started. It means so much to me that people take the time to read the posts and support me on social media. I'm definitely enjoying the blogging journey so far.
I have been lucky enough to start making contacts in the blogging world and one lovely girl Georgina offered me advertising on her blog, for a small fee. Georgina is a lovely girl who is a self taught MUA and plus size fashion and beauty blogger. Her blog is refreshingly honest and she won Best Fashion Blog 2014 at the Plus Size awards a few weeks ago (plus she is gorgeous and has amazing hair!). If you're into beauty and/or plus size fashion check out her blog here:

She Might Be Loved

So this week has been abit... Hmmmm... Boring in the eating department. I started a different plan this week, still eating clean but restricting calories a lot more than what I have been previously doing and I've got to say (apologies to my friend who drew up the plan for me!) that I have been bored on it. Although I don't think the plan was meant to be anything but fuel my body and ensure I was creating a calorie deficit with my exercise but when I first starting the clean eating, I was enjoying looking for new recipes, cooking them and trying them out. I really miss that. I'm going to stay on my friends plan for another week as he anticipated that I would lose 7lbs in 2 weeks so I'm going to stick with it and see how I get on. Looking forward to some time off over Christmas where I can get back to trying out and eating new recipes and sharing them with you all!
I have definitely enjoyed my new gym programme though, even though it has been harder than what I was doing before. Due to social commitments I only managed to get to the gym 3 times this week but I went for a run today which made me feel really good. Even though it was cold and on the brink of raining this afternoon, it was good to get outside and get some fresh air.

I wanted to share something that I have in my kitchen... My weight loss jars! I bought 2 glasses from Ikea and some glass pebbles from Ebay and made these. On the left is all the pounds that I need to lose (1 pebble = 1lb) and on the right is all the pounds that I've lost so far. So every Monday morning after I've weighed in, I move over some pebbles from the left to the right jar. Its more of a motivational visual aid in seeing the jar on the right fill up and the one on the left get empty. Just wish I had bought pink pebbles instead of blue ones now! 

I thought I would treat myself and buy the Essie Nail Varnish 'Bobbing for Baubles'. Well I didn't technically buy it, I got it on my Boots Advantage Card points! It is a lovely colour, exactly what I was looking for although it is so similar to what I had done at the salon last week so I'm used to seeing this colour on my nails so it wasn't that exciting to finally get this colour that I've been crushing on for ages. Never mind, there are quite a few more Essie colours that I want to get so I'm sure I'll get some more. I've literally just painted them as well so I'm looking forward to seeing the colour in the daylight. Excuse my terrible painting, I'm not very good at painting my own nails!

I wish everyone a good last full week before Christmas and I'll leave you with next weeks phone wall paper:

Until next time

Much Love

Just Ems

Start Date: 7th October 2014
Start Weight: 15 stone 8lbs
Current Weight: 13 Stone 12lbs
Total Weight Lost: 24lbs
Height 5'2


  1. Hi, sorry it took a long time, but I finally checked out your blog myself and I love it, Especially the background! xxx

  2. Awww thank you Zoe! I'm glad you like the background xx